An interesting novelty in defence

by P.Leisebein (Leipzig)


The "Euwe-Defence" is a passive defence. That doesn't mean however, that white gets an automatic attack.

On the contrary, white doesn't have too much time. After all, he has to find compensation for the sacrificed pawn! 7. ... Nc6 oder 7..... c5 are the most active moves for black. Probably, the natural looking move 8.Qd2

is not the best continuation!? The novelty 8. .... a6!? offers good possibilities, especially after white plays "quietly"!




(58) Junker,A - Leisebein,P [D00]

BDG0403 DMC, 2001


1.d4 d5 2.e4 dxe4 3.c3 f6 4.f3 exf3 5.xf3 e6 EUWE-DEFENCE 6.g5 e7 7.d3 c6 Next to c5 the most popular reply in the DMC-Thematic Tournament! [7...c5 is a second possibility to obtain counterplay!] 8.d2 a6N [8...00 9.000 b4 (9...g6 10.h4 h5 11.g4 g7 12.h5 xg5 13.xg5 h6 14.f3 g5 15.d5 exd5 16.xd5 xg4 17.df1 f5 18.c4 h8 19.c3 xf3 20.xf3 10 Buis,W-Geus/Haarlem 1955 (34). (33); 9...a5 10.hf1 a4 11.f4 a3 12.b3 b4 13.h4 h6 14.xh6 xd3+ 15.xd3 gxh6 16.xh6 h7 17.b1 d7 18.e5 g5 19.h5 f6 Purser,T-Owens,J/cr APCT 1988 (31). (30)) 10.e1 (10.e5 b6 11.e2 b7 12.f3 bd5 13.he1 c6) 10...b6 corr:Grantz-Leisebein 2001] 9.a3 [9.000 h6 10.h4 b4 11.b1 b6 12.xf6 xf6 13.e4 d5] 9...h6 [9...b5 10.e4 b7 11.xf6+ xf6] 10.e3 b5 11.00 b7 12.e1 g4 [12...b4 13.e4 bxa3 14.bxa3 b8 15.c3 00 16.xf6+ xf6 17.b1 e8=] 13.d2? [13.d1 00 14.f4 f6 15.e3 h8 16.e4 xe4 17.xe4 a5] 13...xd4 14.e4 xe4 15.xe4 c5 16.h1 f5 17.e1 d6 18.h4 g5! 19.h5+ e7 20.xd4 xd4 21.e1 d6 22.d1 c4 [22...c5 23.d3 c4+] 23.f2 xh2 24.fe1 g4 25.d4 e5!




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