A model attack

by P.Leisebein (Leipzig)


Novices are always in awe about sacrifices in attacking games.

Well, that has to be learnt, too. One has to keep an image of certain positions, which one has seen or learnt before.

The following game is an example how to conduct aBlackmar-Attack properly! White's novelty on move 14 is an important improvement in this line!




(55) Leisebein,P - Junker,A [D00]

BDG0403 DMC, 2001


1.d4 d5 2.e4 dxe4 3.c3 f6 4.f3 exf3 5.xf3 e6 EUWE-DEFENCE 6.g5 e7 7.d3 c5 [7...c6 is the critival move!] 8.dxc5 a5 9.00 [9.a3 xc5 10.d2 00 11.b4 xb4?? (11...c6 12.00 bd7 13.b5 e8 14.e3 e5) 12.axb4 10 Richter,T-Dammkoehler,G/cr IECG 1996 (12); 9.d2 A) 9...xc5 10.000 bd7 11.xf6 xf6 12.b5+; B) 9...xc5 10.xf6 gxf6 11.h6 d7=; C) 9...00 C1) 10.b1 xc5 11.xf6 xf6 12.e4 f5 13.xf6+ xf6 14.00 e7 15.be1 d7 16.c3 b6; C2) 10.f4 h6 11.xh6 gxh6 12.xh6 xc5 13.e4 (13.g5? f2+!) 13...g4! 14.xf8+ xf8 15.xc5 xc5 16.e2 e5; C3) 10.000 bd7! 11.f4 xc5; C4) 10.e4 10...xd2+ 11.fxd2 bd7 12.f1 h6 13.xf6 (13.xf6+ xf6 14.h4 g5 15.f2 d7 16.d4 d5 17.b3 a4 18.c4 fd8) 13...xf6 14.xf6+ xf6 15.000 d7= corr: Leisebein-Gohla 2000; D) 9...bd7 10.b5 (10.00 xc5 11.b5+ d7 12.b4 xb4 13.ab1 a5) 10...xd2+ 11.xd2 00 12.b4 d8 13.e2 h6 14.h4 e5 (14...a6 15.c7 a7 16.f2) 15.c7 b8 16.xf6 xf6 Leisebein,P-Dietrich,U/DESC-TOURNAMENT 2000(29) 17.ad1 f8 18.e4 g4 (18...e6 19.d5 e8 20.xf6+ gxf6 21.e3) 19.h3 xf3+ (19...d7 20.d5 e6 21.e3) 20.xf3 a5 21.c3 (21.a3 axb4 22.axb4 dc8 23.b5) 21...e4 22.xe4 xc3 23.xd8 xd8 24.b5 (24.xb7 d2+ 25.f3 axb4=) 24...e5 25.d5 e6 26.c6 d4+ 27.e3 bxc6 28.e7+ f8 29.xc6 Leisebein,P-Dietrich,U/DESC-TOURNAMENT 2000(29); 9.e2 bd7 10.a3 xc5 11.a2 e7] 9...xc5+ [9...bd7 10.a3 xc5+ (10...xc5?? 11.b4) 11.h1 00 12.d2 (12.e1 b6 13.e3 a5 14.h4 h5 15.xh5 xh5 16.b5 c5) 12...a6 13.ae1 e8 14.e4 xe4 15.xe4 b5 16.b4 c7=] 10.h1 bd7 11.e1 [11.e2 A) 11...00 A1) 12.e4 b6 (12...c7 13.xf6+ xf6=) 13.c3 (13.xf6+ xf6=) 13...d8 (13...h6=) 14.d4 h6; A2) 12.ae1 12...b6 (12...h6 13.h4 d8) A2a) 13.c1 d8 (13...c5 14.g5 b6 15.ce4 h6 16.xf6+ xf6 17.e4 xe4 18.xe4 d7 19.xh6 gxh6 20.d2 g5 21.xd7 Drueke,V-Flude,D/BDG Email Tourney 1997 (21); 13...c5) 14.a3 a6; A2b) 13.e3 a5; A2c) 13.a3 13...a6 (13...c5) 14.e4 h6=; B) 11...a6 12.a3 c7 13.ae1 xa3=; C) 11...a5 12.ad1 00 13.a3 a6 (13...h6=) 14.e4 d8=] 11...a6 [11...00 12.e4 (12.a3 h6 13.b4 c6) 12...b6 (12...d5 13.h4 h6=) 13.xf6+ (13.h4 h6=) 13...xf6 (13...xf6=) 14.h4 h6=] 12.d1 [12.h4 b4 13.d4 (13.xb4 xb4 14.d2 e7) 13...xb2 14.ce2 e5 (14...h6+) 15.a4 b6 16.xf6 xd3 '?' (16...gxf6 01 Drueke,V-Regis,D/BDG Email Tourney 1997 (16)) 17.ff1 f6 18.e3 c5 19.b3 c6 20.xc5 xc5 21.h5+ 10 Sneiders,E-Breunig/corr BDGW1 1970 (21); 12.a3 b6 13.e4 c7 14.d4 b7] 12...00 [12...b6 13.e4 c7 14.d4 b7=] 13.a3!? My move! [13.e4 c7 (13...xe4 14.xe4 g6 15.h4 f6 16.h6 e8 17.c4 e5=) 14.c4 h6=; 13.h4 h6 01 Drotthammar,N-Flude,D/BDG Email Tourney 1997 (13) 14.d2 (14.xh6? gxh6 15.xh6 h5!) 14...b4 15.g3 xb2 16.b1 a3 17.b3 d6] 13...b6 [13...d8 A) 14.h4 h6 15.d2 (15.xh6? gxh6 16.xh6 h5) 15...b6; B) 14.b4 c7 (14...c6 15.d4 d6 16.f4) 15.e4 h6 16.h4; C) 14.e4 14...c7 15.xf6+ xf6=] 14.h4N e8 [14...h6 15.xh6 d8 (15...c5 16.g5 e8 17.e4+-) 16.g5 a5 17.d2+-; 14...d8 15.d4 h6 (15...h5 16.e4 g4 17.xd8 xd8 18.xh5 h6 19.c4) 16.xh6 gxh6 (16...e5 17.xg7 g6 18.xg6 xg7 19.h5 c5 20.xf6+-) 17.xh6 xd4 18.h7+ xh7 19.xd4 e5 20.e4 f5 21.xd8 xd8 22.g5 f8 23.f6 d5 24.c4 d4 (24...d7 25.xe5 g7 26.f6+-) 25.f3 f4 26.xe5 xc4 27.d1 10 Leisebein,P-Kuni,R/DMC 2000 (27). ] 15.xh7+!! [15.e4 h6 16.xf6+ xf6 17.xf6 xf6 18.e5=] 15...xh7 16.xe7 xb2 17.e4 df8 [17...f6 18.b4+-] 18.fg5! The "Blackmar-Sortie"! [18.xf8 xf8 19.fg5+-] 18...xg5 [18...f5 19.xf8 xf8 20.d3 b5 21.d6+-] 19.xg5 White can choose the winning way! [19.xg5 xc2 20.xf8 xf8 21.xf7+-] 19...h7 20.g3 resigned!


Maybe followed by: 20...xc2 [20...a7 21.c7+-] 21.f6 g5 22.xg5 g6 23.xf7! xf7 24.b2+ +-




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