The tactical counterblow

by P.Leisebein (Leipzig)


The following game was played by me in one of the BDG tournaments of the SC Blankenberg. I played my pet defence. I still find it suitable to play for a win with black!

The game is also interesting from a theoretical poin of view. My novelty on move 9 interferes with the white ambitions!

Here we find the rare case, where the game is decided by a tactical blow from the black player More often, black tries to

make his extra pawn decide in the end game.




(50) Cody,P - Leisebein,P [D00]

BDG2 SC Blankenberg, 2001


1.d4 d5 2.e4 dxe4 3.c3 f6 4.f3 exf3 5.xf3 g6 BOGOLJUBOW-DEFENCE 6.c4 g7 7.00 00 8.f4 [8.f4 was Diemer's specialty!] 8...g4 [8...a6 9.d2 b5 10.b3 b7 11.ad1 bd7] 9.d2 [9.e5N c6 10.e2 xf3 11.gxf3 xe5 12.dxe5 d7 (12...e8 13.f4 c6+) 13.f4 b6 14.b3 c5 15.a3 c7 (15...c4 16.a2 f6+) 16.c3 fd8 (16...ad8 17.e1 e6+) 17.c2 c4 18.a2 d5 (18...d7 19.ad1 ad8+) 19.f3 b6+ 20.d4 xc3! 21.xc3 xd4 22.h1 c5 23.c1 ad8 24.e3 d1+ 01 Wolf,H-Leisebein,P/BDG-WT Thematic Tournament 2000 (24)] 9...c5!N (Leisebein) [9...xf3 10.xf3 c6 11.h3 h5 12.e3 e5 13.d5 d7 14.dxc6 bxc6 15.d1 b6 16.xf7+ xf7 17.f2+ f6 18.f3 f4 19.xf4 g8 20.e3 e6 21.xb6 xf3 22.gxf3 axb6 23.xb6 f8 24.d8 10 Diemer,E-Sperling/corr (M/GT/34) 1955 (24)] 10.dxc5 [10.d5 bd7 11.ae1 xf3 12.xf3 g4] 10...xf3 [10...c6 11.xd8 axd8 12.e5 d4 13.ae1 e6 14.xe6 xe6] 11.xd8 xd8 12.xf3 c6 13.af1 [13.e1 ac8 14.b3] 13...d4 [13...ac8 14.e2 e4 15.g3 d4+ 16.h1 xc5 17.c3 f6] 14.e3 d7 15.b5 [15.d3 xc2 16.xd7 xd7 17.d5 d4+] 15...xc2 16.ef3 [16.e2 b4 17.a3 c6] 16...b4 [16...a6 17.c3 c8 18.a4 dd8 19.b3 e4 20.c1 e5] 17.a3 c6 18.g3 [18.b4 a5 19.bxa5 xa5 20.a2 c6 21.e1 (21.g3 c8 22.c1 e6 23.d6 d4 24.xc8 e2+ 25.f1 xc1 26.b1 d1+ 27.e1+) 21...a5 22.c4 d4 23.xd4 xd4 24.f1 e4+] 18...ad8 19.h3 [19.e1 h6 20.c3 a6 21.h3 f8 22.b4 d4 23.a2 d3 24.ef1 h5 25.xf7+ e8] 19...a6 [19...c8 20.b4 a5 21.b3 axb4 22.axb4 cd8 23.h2 h6] 20.c3 d4 21.e3 [21.3f2 f5 22.f3 xg3 23.xg3 h6] 21...f5 [21...f8 22.e5 c6 23.f4 h5] 22.ef3 xg3 23.xg3 f8 24.gf3 h5 [24...d4 25.b3 h5 26.e2 d2] 25.b4 [25.b3 h4 26.e4 c7] 25...g5 26.f5 d4 27.e2 g4 28.hxg4 hxg4 29.c6 bxc6 30.xa6 h6 31.e2 [31.b1 e3+ 32.h2 g7+] 31...e3+ 32.h2 d2 33.g3 [33.e1 b2] 33...b2 [33...c2 34.e1 f2 35.e2 xg3+ 36.xg3 c3+ 37.h4 xa3+] 34.b7 b6 35.h5 [35.h1 c2 36.h5 dd2 37.xf6 exf6+] 35...d3 36.h1 h3+!! 37.gxh3 xh5

and white resigned! Followed by:

38.1f2 [38.xf7+ g8 39.f8+ g7 40.1f7++; 38.xh5 g3!+] 38...xf2 39.xf2 xf2 40.hxg4




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