When you play for the "bacon"

by P.Leisebein (Leipzig)


I played the following game with black in the final of a BDG tournament (organised by the SC Blankenberg) .

My opponent was the strong Russian W. Ivanov. I played my pet defence and because my opponent chose the Vorpostenvariante

I was pretty happy in the opening. The opening and endgame were very interesting and were conducted in a very tight fashion!

This tournament I could win unchallenged!

The strong move 8. ...Nc6! makes the white moves questionable!




(48) Ivanov,W - Leisebein,P [D00]

BDG-TT(Finale), 2000


1.d4 d5 2.e4 dxe4 3.c3 f6 4.f3 exf3 5.xf3 g6 B o g o l j u b o w - D e f e n c e 6.c4 g7 7.00 00 8.e5 c6! 9.xc6 bxc6 10.e2 d5!? my patent move! [10...e5!? 11.c3 e6 12.a6 exd4; 10...h5 11.c3 e5 12.d5 (12.e3 e7 13.d2 e6 14.xe6 xe6 15.h6 fe8 16.xg7 xg7 17.dxe5 xe5 18.g3 ad8 19.f2 e3 20.xe3 xe3 21.fe1 xe1+ 22.xe1 e6 23.e4 g7 24.g3 f5 25.f2 f6 26.d1 xd1+ 01 Antoszkiewicz,G-Lang,F/W 1990 (34)) 12...b7 13.b3 b8 14.dxc6 xc6 15.xf7+ h8 16.c2 d7 17.c4 g4 01 Diemer,E-Kos/Shell 1952 (17)] 11.c3 e5 12.dxe5N [12.e1 e4 (12...e8 13.f2 e6; 12...g4 13.dxe5 xe5 14.f2 d6 15.h6 fb8 16.g3 f5) 13.g3 e6 14.b3 e8 15.g5 d6 16.h4 a5 17.f4 a4 18.xe6 fxe6 19.c4 (19.xd5 exd5 20.f4 e7) 19...a3 20.ab1 axb2 (20...ab8 21.xe4 axb2 22.d2 c5 23.h1 cxd4 24.cxd4 b6) 21.xb2 (21.xd5 exd5 22.xb2 a3 23.e2 xc3 24.f6 f8+) 21...xc3 01 Grott,P-Leisebein,P/corr(occ) 1999 (21)] 12...xe5 13.f4 [13.g3 e7 14.e2 e8] 13...d6 14.xd5 cxd5 15.xd5 [15.xd5 a6] 15...xh2+ 16.h1 e6 17.xd6 [17.e4 e5 18.e1 xe4 19.xe4 g3 20.h6 fe8] 17...xd6 18.xe6 fxe6 19.e3 a5 [19...a6 20.g1 h5 21.ad1 f5 22.xf5 gxf5] 20.xf8+ [20.g1 h5 21.ae1 a4 22.c4 f5] 20...xf8 [20...xf8 21.g4 h5 22.gxh5 gxh5] 21.d1 h5 22.g1 f5 23.d4 f7 [23...g5 24.a4 f7 25.b4 f6 26.c4 g4 27.a7 e7 28.e3 g3 29.e4 d7 30.bxa5 xa5 31.f1 f5+ 32.e2 c5] 24.a4 [24.b4 f6 25.a4 g5 26.c4 h4 27.bxa5 xa5 28.f2 f5 29.f3 e5 30.f2 d5 31.e3 e5 32.e2 g4+] 24...e7 [24...c5 25.e4 b6 26.b4 e7] 25.e4 [25.h4 c5 26.b3 d7+] 25...c5 [25...c5 26.c4 e5 27.h4 d7 28.d2 c7 29.g4 hxg4 30.xg4 f6 31.g2 b6 32.c3 e7 33.f3 f6+ 34.e3 f4 35.xg6 xc4 36.g7+ d6 37.xe5+ xe5 38.xc7 d5 39.b3 c3+] 26.xc5+ xc5 27.f2 g5 28.f3 [28.e3 d6 29.d4+ d5 30.c4 e5+ 31.d3 e1 32.b4 g1] 28...f6 [28...d6 29.e2 e5 30.d3 d5 31.e2 c6 32.b4 h4 33.bxa5 a6 34.c4+ e6 35.c3 c5 36.d3 xa5 37.a2 g4 38.e4 h3 39.gxh3 gxh3 40.a3 h2 41.h3 xa4 42.h6+ d7 43.d5 a2] 29.d4 [29.e2 h4 30.d3 d5+ 31.e2 e5 32.xe5 xe5 33.b4 d6 34.f3 e5 35.bxa5 c6 36.a6 b6 37.a7 xa7 38.c4 b6+] 29...c6 [29...h4 30.g3 h3 31.d7 c4 32.g4 xa4 33.xc7 a2 34.h7 xb2 35.xh3 c2 36.e4 a4 37.h6+ g7 38.h3 a3 39.e5 a2 40.h1 b2 41.a1 f7 42.c4 e7 43.d4 c2 44.c5 d2 45.b4 e5 46.c3 g2 47.b3 e4 48.c3 e3 49.d3 e2 50.e3 xg4 51.xe2 g3 52.d2 g4 53.e2 d6 54.f1 a3+] 30.e3 [30.g3 d5 31.c4 d3+ 32.f2 d2+ 33.e3 g2 34.f3 xb2 35.c5 g4+ 36.e4 e2+ 37.d4 e5+ 38.d3 g2 39.e4 xg3 40.xc6+ g5 41.c5 h4 42.c4 h3 43.c5 h4 44.xe5 f3 45.e4 g2 46.xa5 h3+] 30...e5+ [30...h4 31.d3 f5 32.e3 e5+ 33.f3 c5 34.g3 h3 35.g4 h2 36.d1 c4+ 37.h5 e4+] 31.f3 [31.d3 c5 32.d8 f5 33.c4 f4 34.a8 h4 35.xa5 e3+ 36.c2 e2+ 37.c3 xg2+] 31...g4+ [31...c5 32.d8 g4+ 33.g3 e3+ 34.f2 e4 35.f8+ e7 36.h8 xa4 37.xh5 d6 38.h8 c7 39.h7+ c6 40.h8 f4+ 41.g3 e4 42.a8 a4 43.h4 d5 44.g3 e5] 32.f2 d5 33.c4 [33.xd5 cxd5 34.g3 e7 35.b4 e5 36.e2 d7 37.f2 d4 38.bxa5 dxc3 39.a6 c7 40.e2 e4 41.a7 b7 42.a8 xa8 43.e3 b7 44.e2 b6+] 33...d2+ 34.g3 e5 35.h4 [35.c5 e2 36.h4 xg2 37.xc6+ f5 38.c8 h2+ 39.g3 h3+ 40.g2 h4+] 35...xg2 36.xh5 f5 37.h4 e4 38.xc6 e3 39.c8 [39.c7 e2 40.e7 f4 41.f7+ e3 42.e7+ f2+] 39...e2

and white resigned!

Maybe followed by: 40.e8 f4 41.f8+ e3 42.e8+ d2 43.d8+ e1 44.b4 f1 45.f8+ f2 46.e8 e1+



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